Pool Home Inspections

 R Eyes home Inspectors have long term experiences with pools being a certified pool operator. We are familiar with the operations, safety, proper installations, and defects. Having maintained many pools in our past making us more comfortable, knowledgeable, informative and detailed than other home inspectors that are uncomfortable with the pool inspection. We charge a little more for your Pool Inspection because we take the time to run all the components of the pool system and compile a detailed pool inspection report of general safety and operational components that is informative.

How important is the pool inspection?

The inspecting of a pool is as important as the home inspection. The components can be very expensive to replace. Knowing what you are getting is important to prepare yourself in the beginning rather than finding out issues later.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make the pool run, too properly give you a detailed POOL INSPECTION report, even if the water is black!

 Provided that the pool is in operational order like; full of water, power is on, the pump will come on, all the components are there and working too flow water to the components.

What can you do?

You can help by filling the pool a day or two before the pool inspection and marking the water level. By doing this we can tell if the pool or pipes are leaking under ground over time even if you don’t turn it on. There are always hidden components under ground that we simply can’t inspect or predict the life of.

Should I get the pool inspected?

Getting the pool inspected by detailed professional home inspector will help to reduce or eliminate unexpected repairs by awareness of issues or defects on the pool prior too closing of the house.

How much work is a pool?


Keeping the water!

Pools take lots of persistence in checking the water to insure that the chemicals and water levels are proper. I have found that a little time on a daily basses is the best way to achieve proper water chemistry and component functionality for the least time involved. It just takes a moment to check the pools water and add the proper treatments. There is automated equipment to assist in the application of proper pool chemistry. However you will still have to check the water with a tester.


Keeping the Water Flowing

Cleaning out the basket strainers at the skimmers, pump and back washing filters is very important to allow the water to flow properly in the pool, keep it from getting stagnant in areas. Keeping the leaves and other things out of the pool that can block the flow of the water is important. The leaves are one thing that can stain the bottom of the pool making it hard to get off. You can get or your pool may have a pool sweeper to assist in keeping the pool bottom clean or stirred up so the skimmers can take in the contaminants and filter them out. This is why the filter needs to be back washed or cleaned. Back washing removes the contaminants from the filter and allowing proper flow.