Types of Home Inspections

Types of Home Inspections

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Buyers Inspections / Existing Homes

Buyers inspections make up the majority of my home inspections. More homes are inspected every year as home buyers realize the importance of a professional independent home inspection. The buyer will usually have 3 – 10 days to have the home inspection performed before proceeding with the home purchase. As with all types of home inspections, the home’s components and systems from the roof down to the foundation are inspected, as well as any extra components such as pools,and outbuildings that the buyer may wish to include. A home inspector must follow a minimum standards of practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission. My home inspections always go beyond these minimum standards to give my Home buyers the best home inspection for their money. Click here to see all the items are inspected in a home.

Seller Inspections / Pre-listing Inspections

I have seen home deals fall through simply because the seller did not take time to find out the condition of their home till after the buyer gets the home inspected. The advantages of a pre-listing inspection are numerous. Consider the following:
• It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party.
• It helps you to price your home realistically.
• It permits you to make repairs ahead of time and have time to do them so that defects won’t become negotiating issues, and you have the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if your qualified.
• It may alert you of items of immediate personal concern, such as CO gas or active termite infestation.
• It may relieve prospect’s concerns over the overwhelming repairs that need to be done.
• It may alert you to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.

New Home Inspections

New homes need inspecting because! Home buyers assume that just because a house is new that it does not need a independent home inspection or that the builder inspects the house. Or they tell you they have a 3rd party home inspection done. With the rapid rate that homes are being built, many items in homes are being overlooked by home builders and general contractors that are overseeing the workers that are doing the work. While many cities have their own code inspectors that visit many homes per day, they only look for code compliance and nothing else. R Eyes Home Inspections averages only one home per day maybe two home inspections per day while city code inspectors may visit 20 or more homes in a day. R Eyes inspections will perform a much more thorough home inspection than the home buyer can and have more clout with the builder, especially in areas such as the attic and roof inspection.

One Year Warranty Inspections

When purchasing a new home, your builder usually places a one year warranty on the home to give you a chance to fix things that go wrong. Before the one year warranty expires, it is a great idea to have the home professionally inspected to take advantage of any problems or defects that the builder is responsible for. Homeowners are not going to get on a roof or enter the attic area and know what to look for that a professional inspector will. After the warranty expires, a homeowner could face repair bills that may have been avoided. The best time to get one of these inspections is around the eleventh month of ownership.