This Home Inspection in Southlake Texas Had lots of Issues to tell the Home Buyer as he walked around with me took R Eyes Home Inspections 16 hours to write the Southlake Home Inspection report.

Every house has a story to tell of how it was treated over it’s life after construction, just like every person after birth. It’s my job to find the story and tell the New Home Buyer that story.

Here are just some things that go though my Home Inspectors mind when Inspecting a home.

Was the house well kept and maintained properly when needed? or was it patched together to sell?

Is there drainage issues that are causing the foundation to be stressed? Negative drainage? Makes me think when the front of the house has 6-8 drain openings WHY? ( the water was coming off the street down the driveway into the front yard!

Is the roof in good condition, been replaced, have hail damage, current signs of leakage, how many roof are on the house, Was it properly installed, is the attic properly vented, are the soffit vents plugged with dirt and cut out properly? (I have found them not even cut out)

Is there foundation issues that need to be addressed by a foundation company? Are the doors out of square not closing or the floors sloping? Do the windows open properly?

Has the walls of the house been patched up from cracks? (I can see them due to the fact that I fixed that kind of thing for years) Can’t hind it from me with a flashlight. Have the brick been patched or mortar pointed is the proper term?

When there is a POOL Inspection the Home Inspector Southlake has even more to think about. What kind of condition is it in? Are there repairs that need to be done to keep the pool in non deteriorating condition. Has it settled unevenly? Is the flow proper? are there non entrapment drains? Are The gates to the Pool area self closing and child proof?

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