Home inspection The Colony

HOME INSPECTION of a house inspected Costumer telling Testimonial for R Eyes Home Inspection. We inspect all over north Texas and the surrounding city’s here are some Rockwall Decatur Dallas Frisco Plano McKinney Denton Aubrey Cross Roads. Experienced Home Remodeler/Home Builder Over 30 years all of north Texas call 940-390-4083 Free inferred thermal imaging.


Carrollton Home Buyer Testimonial for R Eyes Home Inspections of Denton servicing all of North Texas, Rockwall, Dallas, Keller, Fort Worth, Southlake, Frisco, Plano, Argyle, McKinney, Little Elm, Highland Park, BEST HOME INSPECTOR, HOME BUYER. WWW.REYESINSPECTIONS.COM

Home Inspector Fort Worth water Well find

Dangerous Hand Dug Water well Found at old house at Home Inspection in Fort Worth Tx by Home Inspector Fort Worth Tx. R Eyes Home Inspectors. This is a Old Dug Water Well found at a Old House in Fort Worth Home Inspection that was cool to find because of the way that it was…

Southlake Home Inspector saved buyer

This Home Inspection in Southlake Texas Had lots of Issues to tell the Home Buyer as he walked around with me took R Eyes Home Inspections 16 hours to write the Southlake Home Inspection report. Every house has a story to tell of how it was treated over it’s life after construction, just like every…

Home / Pool Inspector Carrollton

Summer Oaks Home Inspection

Roof Foamed House (Robert Flaa) inspected a new house yesterday that the roof was foamed to a depth of over 6 inches. It was sealed to the outside air with a door in the attic over the garage to get into the sealed area over the living area. The living area ceiling did not have any insulation…

Painted over rotten wood

This is a common thing R Eyes Home Inspections find at home inspections in the Dallas area, painting over rotten wood around the windows and behind the gutters. i don’t know if the owner knows it’s done or the painter just don’t want to fix the issue but I find it at the home inspections.

What will baseball size hail do?

This is some damage found at a roof inspection from very large hail. )

Duct Tape

This is photo’s of the plenum on an A/C unit in a house that inspected. It is just taped the problem with tape used as a stand alone sealant is that the glue that hold the tape on the duct over time in the attic heat breaks down and lets go then you end…

Washer Hoses

The best kind of hoses to use on your washing machine are the braided stainless type not the kind that are in this photo or the black kind. The ones that are not braided can over time burst and flood your house.

Jayne Howell Realtor in the Denton Texas area

Did a Home Inspection on a nice house in Krum Texas the other day. Jayne Howell has it listed she works with Real T Team in Denton Texas. Jayne Howell Realtor number is 940-391-0888 she has been a realtor in the Denton area selling homes. From my experience she is a good Realtor that knows…

How often do you clean your drier vent?

Why is it a good idea to clean your drier vent out from time to time? 1: it’s a fire hazard. 2: It helps to let your drier work more efficiently. 3: When it is dirty the flapper can not close letting vermin’s into the house. 4: It should be checked at least once a…