My Promise

My Promise to You

Is that I will spend the time it takes to do your HOME INSPECTION to the best of my ability telling you what I find at the end and with a

Is that I will spend the time that it takes to Inspect your House Properly to find the story. I feel every home has a story I just need to find it! (remodeled, fixed to sell, well kept and maintained, needs a rehab, needs lots of work) Then I will tell you the story at the end of the Home Inspection so you can live in the house improving it for needs for your time in the house and depart in the future, lets face it you have to buy the Home and some day you have to sell your home. Maintaining the home properly is the best way out. I work for you!

I use many different expensive Home Inspection tools to assist me at your HOME INSPECTION for your possible New Home with many different continuing education classes and years of experience to equip me with the knowledge and tools for your New Home Inspection. I also take the time that it takes to find the story of the house every house has a story. I will walk on the roof if at all possible that is the only way to do a Roof Inspection at least the ridge if the roof is too steep to walk, not look at it from the ground like other Home Inspectors. I don’t like getting on the roof but it is the only way to properly inspect a roof. I will get in the attic and walk around if possible! Home Inspectors are only required to just put there head in the attic. I will crawl under the Home at your Home Inspection if I can get in there and it is not full of water Home inspectors are required to just look down there. I will go the extra mile for you because I like helping people see the house in my eyes that is why it is R Eyes Inspections the R stands for Robert’s Eyes.

I guarantee that I will give you my very best time and effort at your Home Inspection. That is my promise to you.

Please call me anytime and talk with me asking me any questions that you have about your house or the posses.

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