Home Inspector Fort Worth water Well find

Dangerous Hand Dug Water well Found at old house at Home Inspection in Fort Worth Tx by Home Inspector Fort Worth Tx.

R Eyes Home Inspectors.

Home Inspection Fort Worth Tx Dangerous Water Well hopefuly will get caped properly.This is a Old Dug Water Well found at a Old House in Fort Worth Home Inspection that was cool to find because of the way that it was made however scarred me due to the fact that a small child could fall into it and get hurt / trapped / Die / be on the News (kids are our future there great) This water well found at Fort Worth Home Inspection by www.reyesinspections.com was probably dug by hand by my thinking. It is made of concrete drainage culverts stood on end seamed like about 10 – 15 or more (it scared me to look down the well) 5 foot sections that would make the water well about 50 to 75 foot deep. My thinking is that they started with one drainage culvert, got inside of it and started digging till it fell in the hole to ground level, stacked another on top and kept digging till it fell into the ground like the first one now there in the ground about 10 foot in a culvert about 3 foot around that’s not scary yet but just think about being in the ground about 50 foot or even 75 foot asking he person on the top to pull the bucket of dirt up to the top with dirt falling on you in the hole. What if the bucket broke when it was at the top and fell on you at the bottom of that deep of a hole it would have no where to go but on your head. The entire idea of this water well scares me as a Home Inspector in Fort Worth I recommended that this well be permanently caped with concrete and rebar. I still think about this and if it got capped. Take a look down the water well and tell me how you would feel looking down it.Home Inspector Fort Worth Tx found a Dug Water Well that scared 53 year old Home Inspector Fort Worth

Home Inspector Fort Worth Texas Robert Flaa of www.reyesinspections.com

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