Hidden Water Damage 

Hidden water damage can come from several sources in the DFW area at a  HOME INSPECTION. R Eyes Home home Inspector looks for all of these; floods, burst pipes, leaky roofs, gutters not draining, seepage from flower beds, negative drainage towards the house, lack of weather proofing on the exterior, roofing, appliances, plumbing fixtures, ground water is a big one in Texas. Many types are obvious, as is the damage caused by them. But even if you can’t see the damage right away, a slow flow of water can often be worse than obvious leaks left untreated can cause: Our HOME INSPECTOR has an advantage using the FREE-Thermal-Imaging camera at your home inspection!

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Foundation damage
  • Foul odors
  • Mold
  • Rotten wood
  • Pest infestation

How can you protect yourself from these menace? A professional home inspector can help detect issues at your home inspection. With over 30 years of experience in construction and homes, we can often detect water damage areas long before it becomes a problem after your home inspection.

In the DFW areas the single largest water issue at a home inspection is the drainage around the house making sure that the water is draining away from the house and to the street is important at our home inspections. I recommend that you go outside periodically in a downpour and check the drainage around your house to see where the water is going. Most of the time to fix drainage issues are as simple as adding or removing soils to allow the water to drain. Water is a funny thing it moves the dirt when it flows just like the grand canyon has done for many years.

The other home inspection issues that can arise in a home inspection are the water heater, the clothes washer hoses, and the drains on the A/C unit(s). These are very common issues that can or will become an issue in a home over time. There are products that will protect you against these issues like the  flood stop Water Alarm for your water heater or washer and there are probably many others on the market. These will detect and shut off the water supply to the appliances that it is protecting.

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