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At Flower Mound Home Inspectors, our primary mission is to so over fulfill your expectations, that we make you; supporters; our best advocates . . . our #1 sales force.
R Eyes Inspections Has over 30 years experience in Construction (all aspects) then got his Professional Home Inspectors License in 2007 to help people see what he sees in a house. He has built over 20 homes in the 80’s from the ground up doing lots of the work him self and has been a contractor for most of his life, Remodeling, Flipping Homes and commercial properties. He was a big part of building 4 Pappa’s restaurants, 2 Dillards.
R Eyes Professional Inspections has a diverse background in all types of construction.

My Promise to You

We will spend the time it takes to do your Flower Mound HOME INSPECTION to the best of our ability telling you what we find at the end of the Flower Mound Home Inspection with a detailed Flower Mound Home Inspector report from R Eyes Home Inspections!

 We work for YOU.


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