Why order online or text me?

Homeowners, home Buyers, Real Estate agents, and others can now order Home Inspections online from my website. What are the advantages of online ordering?

It saves time
I spend most of my time inspecting properties and much less time in the office. Ordering online saves you and me the hassle of spending our valuable time trying to reach each other by phone or fax. When you order online, you also get status updates on the inspection report whenever you want them, 24 x 7 no more playing phone or fax tag.

We communicate with one another better
When you order a home inspection online, you get an instant e-mail verification from your home inspector when your order was received. No more wondering if the fax got through! Whenever appointment set, home inspection is complete, etc. it’s updated on our website, and you can know up to the minute where the home inspector is on your order.

You get your report more quickly, and more securely.